Water pumping systems are used mainly on rural areas to extract water from wells or subterranean water tanks, usually saving a vertical level difference.

In many cases a well is present, but without a power supply. In other cases, a pump is present, but grid power costs makes a solar solution the best option.

Solar water pumps are a simple, robust and economical solution. They are ideal from small wells to very deep and abundant flow needs.

Practical applications

Extracting water from water wells, watering crops, water depuration, pools, protected natural spaces, protection against fire.

Solar pumping well

Solar water pumping in pools

Pumping installation in Africa

Pumping plates

How do they work

The power generated by the solar panels is sent directly to the solar pump, which starts pumping. Because of how it’s built, the solar pump does not need regulators or inverters as other solar systems. In some cases, a controller is added in order to have more control of the bombs functions. The bomb works all day long, from dawn till dusk, with a maximum efficiency at noon. It does not need batteries, making the system much cheaper.

Choosing your pumping system

The size of the system depends on the quantity of water needed and the depth of the well.

For small systems that don’t already have a pump, a continuous current pump is installed, powered directly by the solar panels.

On the other hand, existing 230Vac or 380Vac pumps can be adapted. In these cases an inverter for pumps is used to change the continuous current generated by the solar panels into altern current for the pumps (monophase or triphase)

Pump systems need to be studied case by case, so please ask Nousol’s technical department for help.

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- Pumping Scheme -