Yachting is a sector where solar power is gaining more and more presence.

From catamarans, to luxury powerboats to sailboats, they all benefit from solar power. A lot of the solar power technology is coming from yachting technology: inverters, chargers, batteries… in this case, the goal of adding solar power to a yacht is to guarantee electrical power during navigation, granting more security to it.

These systems have low costs, provide free energy and integrate into the yacht’s systems, making a solar power system very attractive for yachting.

Practical applications

Ships, boats, yachts, powerboats, sailboats and catamarans.

Flexible Solar Panels

Roofing Panels

Support Leading Edge Wind Turbine

How do they work

They work just as a housing stand-alone system. Solar panels generate energy from the Sun, and send it to the batteries through the regulator.

Due to space constrains, flexible solar panels are normally used, since these are adaptable to the ship’s curved surfaces, thus completely integrating with the deck.

Is also usual to install a small wind generator, which give a very steady power output when sailing.

Choosing your nautical system

Space available on the yacht and desired autonomy are the main factors here. If the yacht is meant for occasional low-range trips, a small installation will be enought. Long-range sailing with a lot of electronic equipment will require a bigger system.
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