Imagine you are traveling around with your motorhome with friends or family. Some of them may want to watch TV, others will want to charge their cellphones, and maybe a few want some cold drinks from the fridge.

All of this is possible with the help of solar power. These systems can cover the power needs of your motorhome.

Practical applications

Motorhomes, Volkswagen Westfalia, trucks and other recreation vehicles.

Caravan Mounts

Flexible Panel 100W

Flexible Panel 50W

How do they work

They work just as a solar power stand-alone system for houses. The solar panels produce power from the Sun, charging the power through the regulator towards the batteries. When you power up electrical appliances, you will use battery storage as a power supply.

We recommend AGM type batteries so there are no liquid spills, and no maintenance is needed.

Usually, flexible solar panels are installed on the roof of your RV so they are fully integrated into it.

Choosing your caravaning system

Sizing a RV kit depends mainly on available space for solar panel installation on the vehicle’s roof as well as space for the rest of the system’s components.