Sometimes a very low energy consumption system, such as a luminous road sign or an alarm is needed. Connecting these low-power systems to the grid is usually expensive because no grid there.

Small solar kits provide a simple and economical solution to power up these systems. For example, a small solar panel will supply power for a bus stop, or an informative panel on a road.

These small solar systems are modular and adaptable, which makes them ideal to be installed almost anywhere, even in very tight spaces.

Practical applications

Alams, road signs, building intercoms, bus stops, mobile charging points, and more.

Communication Systems

Traffic signals

Cameras of Video Surveillance


How do they work

As small stand-alone systems, the solar panel generates power and sends it to the batteries thought the solar charge regulator.

Most of these applications don’t need and inverter since they are low-power equipment which work at the same voltage as the batteries, making the system even simpler. Where this is not the case, an inverter can be installed to transform the battery’s continuous current into alternate current.