NOUSOL, specialist in photovoltaic solar energy systems

From Nousol we believe we need to change the energy model towards sustainable development, through the introduction of renewable energies. Solar energy have reached the point of maturity and become competitive compared with fossil energy. We believe in the growth of these energies and we expect companies like us will be the engine for a more sustainable and greener future.

We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of a wide range of renewable energy products and we are specialized in stand alone systems. We can make your solar panel with size and power you need. We have a highly qualified technical team to carry out the solar studies and we offer technical assistance to all our customers.

The quality in the products manufactured and supplied, makes expanding our number of clients more and more in Europe Market and International Market. We have commercials in the main provinces of our country and various partners in Europe and Africa. With more than 10 years working for our customers, we continue with the same enthusiasm as first day, convinced that the turn towards renewable energy will never stop.

We believe in the innovation and development of new products and we work to give the best solutions to supply customer needs. From the beginning on Nousol, we invest in new products like ClickCells, a small solar panel with the function of Solar Charger. Thanks to ClickCells, Nousol obtained the 2nd Innova Award from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) in 2005.

We have warehouse and offices in Granollers – Barcelona (SPAIN) at your disposal. We look forward to your visit!