Used to complement an existing grid connected electrical installation. They are installed so electric power coming from the grid can be reduced, thus providing a reduction in the electricity bill.

The required investment is quickly recovered in 5 or 6 years* and from there on, all generated power would come at no cost.

Solar panels have a 25 year lifespan, and producers guarantee an 80% power output will be maintained after those 25 years. Thus your installation will keep working at full power during those years. Currently, you can legalize a 10kw installation without paying any monthly or annual taxes (Spain Case – Other countries look for your legal regulations).

*sample 10kW installation in a warehouse, continuous power consumption

Practical applications

Self-powering your home, public buildings, solar panels on urban area roofs, warehouses.

Installation Large self-consumption

Investors for Self-consumption

Small self-consumption installation

Inverter Self-Consumption with Monitoring Systems

How do they work

Solar kits for self-consumption are made of solar panels, which generate and supply electrical power from the sun’s radiation. This is transformed from continuous current into alternate current and injected into your installation by the inverter. This way, your consumption in regards to the public electric grid is reduced.

When this is not enough, the rest of the required energy is extracted from the public power grid as you would normally do. Since you have the support from the power grid, you will never run out of power. The system synchronizes itself with the power grid to make sure of this.

All installations need protections for the security of appliances and people, as any normal electrical installation.

Choosing your solar kit

Self consuming installations require you to choose the amount of power you want to install.
Maximum solar panel power can never be greater than the maximum power supplied by the power company. Kit sizing depends on factors such as power needs, geographical location and planned installation use.

Consumed power monitorization is highly recommended so a profile of your power needs can be made, in order to select a kit suited to your needs.

Factors that increase your installation size

  • Using you installation all year round.
  • Low solar radiation in your location.
  • Industrial or home use. For industrial use, high power requirement is usually required for pumping, computer rooms, industrial machinery or other applications.
  • Consumption of high power during in solar power production hours.

Factors that decrease your installation size

  • High solar radiation in your area.
  • Using few appliances