Used to complement a grid connected electrical installation, they are used to reduce dependency from the electric grid. Batteries are added in order to accumulate extra energy produced by the installation. So, during those hours when the sun is gone and no energy is produced, you can extracted extra energy from the batteries.

The important reduction in the electricity bill allows for a quick recovery on the invested money.

Practical applications

Self-consumption for houses, public buildings, solar panels on the roofs or urban areas, industrial warehouses.

Installation Large Consumption

SMA Inverters with LG Resu Battery

SMA Inverters with LG Resu Battery

Self-Contained Facility for Town

How do they work

Solar kits for self-consumption are made of elements that generate power, store it, and inject power into your installation, so your consumption from the power grid is reduced.

The process is as follows: power is generated by the solar panels, transformed by the inverter to be injected into installation. This power is consumed by the installation directly. If there is excess output, it goes to the batteries for storage for later use.

The system is synchronized with the power grid at all times, so you will never run out of power. The inverter can manage the batteries, or you can manage them through an inverter-charger.

All installations require added protections for safeguarding appliances and people.

Choosing your solar kit

Self consuming installations with batteries require you to choose the amount of power you want to install.
Maximum solar panel power can never be greater than the maximum power supplied by the power company. Kit sizing depends on factors such as power needs, geographical location and planned installation use.

Factors that increase your installation size

  • Using you installation all year round.
  • Low solar radiation in your location.
  • Industrial or home use. For industrial use, high power requirement is usually required for pumping, computer rooms, industrial machinery or other applications.
  • Consumption of high power during in solar power production hours.

Factors that decrease your installation size

  • High solar radiation in your area.
  • Using few appliances.
  • Adapting your power usage to solar hours.

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