Public lighting with solar energy is one of the main applications for solar power.
We can power up small light points for roads, or solar street lights for populated areas.

Solar street lights are a great savings opportunity when compared to traditional light installations. They store energy during the day and they use it to light up during the night, without any need of consuming from the grid, saving money.

They are also very useful for those off grid places where is needed, for gardens and small roads is also recommended.

Practical applications

Road lighting, paths, urban areas, parks, gardens, parking lots, isolated areas among others.

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Globe light

LED Solar lights

LED Philips Lights

How do they work

Solar lights are small stand alone systems. They contain everything needed to work without the need of any external power.

The system is made of a solar panel that generates energy from the sun. The solar regulator charges the battery using that energy. It also turn the light on and off.

The solar light charges during the day, and uses stored power to light itself during the night. Besides, its smart functionality allows it to turn on automatically at night.

It has several modes, depending of the model, such as lighting 100% on the first and reducing flux lighting last hours of the night.

Choosing your solar light

Available in several models, depending on the power needed. They all use LED technology. They are already prepared to give the best possible performance.

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