New Product Catalog 2017/2018

New Product Catalog 2017/2018

Nousol has just published the new 2017/2018 product catalog. We remain as specialists in isolated energy systems and incorporate the following products:

  • Independent Photovoltaic Kit nº 4.5
  • Autonomous Kits and Network with Wind Turbines
  • New Range of 60W, 100W and 200W Polycrystalline Panels.
  • Red Sharp and BenQ power panels up to 330Wp
  • New range of flexible panels, 50W and 100W models with Sunpower cell
  • Swimming Pool Pumps Kit, new models of Sunpumps
  • Steca regulators with output to 5Vdc
  • Regulator MPPT Outback
  • Inverters Chargers Schneider XW +
  • Investors in Red Schneider Conext CL
  • Battery for Self-consumption in Wardrobe
  • Solar Installer Kit

Order now the new product catalog in PDF format contacting us.

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